Trattoria da Claudio are offering:


The online menu is available for you to pick and choose what your heart desire.


Our menus may change weekly or biweekly and rigorously seasonally according to the availability of the products during the seasons and to the farm crops, harvest, animal raising, including those coming strictly from Italy if unavailable in NS or Canada.

All my pasta are freshly made from scratch to cater to my guest's allergies and dietary restrictions. I believe in the most natural and healthy ingredients, not genetically modified vegetables, proteins and any sort of alteration which, unfortunately, nowadays continue to be present in our market.


Scrolling down to the dishes ingredients you will often read words such as DOP, DOC, IDG. They are simply labels of certification of authentic quality product assigned from the Ministry of Agriculture and the EU to protect from fraud or falsification and also to highlight the prestige obtained with consistency.

DOP stands for Protected Designation of Origin

DOC stands for Denomination of Controlled Origin

DOCG stands for  Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin

IGP stands for Indication of Geographic Protection

Some of our vendors list

Ciro Comencini is the owner of Roma Cheese Ltd., a family cheesemaking business based in Hants County, Nova Scotia. Roma Cheese can be found on weekends at the Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market.


Our poultry and livestock is sourced from Windy View Farm, a sustainable, family-owned farm based in Tremont in Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley. They provide free-range, government-inspected products without the use of any growth hormones, additives, or antibiotics.


Grass fed beef from Enfield NS Withrow's Farm

Veal from Vessel Meats located in Dartmouth

Mushrooms From Maritime Gourmet Halifax.

Our dry pasta, Extra Virgin Olive oil come exclusively from Italian renowned Artisans.

Our Vegetables are accurately selected from Chef Claudio who collaborates with all the NS farms.


Trattoria da Claudio offers customized menus for your special event, such as large parties or private dinner that can be catered at your house, office or anywhere you need to host your event. 

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Claudio Pontorno

Owner/Executive Chef


I was born in Sicily, Italy under the culinary prestigious and important influence of my Grandmother, my Mother and my Aunt.


I literally used to steal ravioli from my Grandmother's table, hiding down and consequently trying to avoid the wooden spoon when she tried to throw it to me once I got caught.


Unquestionably, these three figures represented my true passion, love and inspiration for food. Three figures for three essential components.


Passion makes you sacrifice and you don't feel any fatigue (almost).

Love is determinant because you need to live your life with love at 360 degrees.

Inspiration feeds your passion and is inevitable to experiment and also make mistakes to lead you in the right direction. 

After 30 years in this industry, I still hold very tight these strongholds and paramount to finalize my culinary work and project,  attentively and meticulously delivered straight in your palate.

The key for authenticity is a daily effort to respect Nature and its cycles, the tradition, which without it, there would not be the progress of the exploiting of flavours for the palate's explosion I want to offer you even with the simplest dish ever cooked.


Catering,Private Parties and Dinners



We cater to your office or any venue for your meeting or corporate event, lunch or snack time.


Please book your days and time and contact us for details to customize your menu and details.


We recommend booking at least 72 hours in advance.


Terms and policies apply upon the agreement.


Private Party

Your private party can be at your house or anywhere you want. We can set our kitchen and cook for you or simply organize your menu in platters or individual courses.

We invite you to book it in a reasonable advance and contact us for details and customize the menu you want. 


Terms and policies apply upon the agreement.



Special Events

Your Wedding or any other special occasion to celebrate. At your location or we can find one for you, we can provide a memorable food service for any kind of budget. 

Book your day, preferably with a few weeks of notice, and contact us to discuss menu and details.

Terms and policies apply upon the agreement.


Chef at your house

Tired of a crowded restaurant? But you still want a stellar dinner with your partner or friends? Book your day in advance and we will take care of every single detail, with a 5 stars service included and a customized menu up to 9 courses with wine pairing.

Terms and policies apply upon the agreement.